Franck & Fischer. FRANCK & FISCHER products are toys, interior, and accessories for children. Every product is carefully manufactured with a focus on detail, and combine functionality and high play value with an appealing design.

FRANCK & FISCHER produce organically whenever possible and part of our collection is certified FAIRTRADE. We have a very close and personal relationship with all our suppliers, and we can vouch for the environmental and working conditions for employees.

Annemarie Franck graduated as a fashion designer from the Danish Design Academy in 1988. After a number of years as a designer for the garment company In Wear and after a career as a freelance designer for among others Bestseller, Signal, Lego, Brio and Rice, she is now in charge of the creative concept of Franck & Fischer.

Charlotte Fischer’s educational background is business economics (University of Århus) from 1990 and an MBA from France in 1993. After several years in various administrative positions, she is now head of administration for Franck & Fisher.
Franck & Fisher was established in 2004