• Babybadjasje met naam (in 5 kleuren!)

    Babybadjasje met naam (in 5 kleuren!)

  • Nijntje


  • HappyHorse collectie

    HappyHorse collectie

  • Champagne!


  • Champagne!


  • Online baby-fotografiecursus

    Online baby-fotografiecursus

  • Mand met slingeraap

    Mand met slingeraap

    € 72,50
  • Babycompany badcape met naam

    Babycompany badcape met naam

    € 28,00

Babycompany also for companies
Special and original and traditional baby presents 

Babycompany.nl has a lot of premium brands. Always of good quality for a gift or babyshower. Babycompany is specialized in personalizing the baby gifts with the name of the baby of company logo. All presents can be wrapped and a personal congratulation text is added. Babycompany is prefered supplier for a lot of companies. They often use our service. We are proud to have a review score above average. Our client satisfaction is above 9!

Popular gifts:

  • High quality

  • Fast delivery

  • Stylish packaging

  • Discounts

  • Free delivery